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Dmc Embroidery Floss White

The dmc floss 1 skein is perfect for starting your stitching journey! It comes in white, black, or red, and is perfect for both personal and commercial stitching. The skein can be along with the dmc floss 2 skein to create a more complex stitch.

Top Dmc Embroidery Floss White Reviews

This is a floss kit that includes a 1 skein of dmc floss. It includes the colors 700-899.
this dmc floss white embroidery is a beautiful white embroidery with gray shades. It has 20 skeins of dmc floss white embroidery floss white. The skeins are both black and shades of gray. This is a beautiful piece to give the gift of fresh air or as a special gift.
this is a one-of-a-kind embroidery piece that features a colorful dandelion floss webbing. The piece is made up of dmc floss 1 skein. It is 3801-3866 in color. The piece is made from 50% wool and 50%medium weight wool. It is perfect for aills or for using in a stitchers machine.